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Thread: drink mixes made with Splenda?

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    Question drink mixes made with Splenda?

    I've been looking at the grocery store for drink mix sweetened with Splenda (like Crystal Light or Kool Aid, but both of those are made with aspartame). No luck so far. Anyone know of a brand that uses Splenda or sucralose?

    Or, could I buy packets of unsweetened Kool Aid and just use granular Splenda instead of the sugar (they call for 1 cup! )? I've never made anything with Splenda before but I've been craving lemonade and fruit punch instead of just plain water.


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    The Carb Options Lipton iced tea is made with Splenda as are the Atkins drink mixes. I haven't tried any of them though so I can't tell you if they are any good.

    I have started using Whey Low as my sweetener. It tastes and looks like regular sugar. I'm not sure how it works exactly but it's really great. I can only find it online although it is sold in some stores.

    Let me know if you try, and like or dislike, any of the Splenda sweetened drink mixes.


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    Re: drink mixes made with Splenda?

    Originally posted by gertdog
    Or, could I buy packets of unsweetened Kool Aid and just use granular Splenda instead of the sugar (they call for 1 cup! )?
    Yep! That's what we do...about six months ago DH wanted to cut back on sugary drinks (he was drinking about 6 cans of regular soda a day!), so we gave the Kool-Aid packets with Splenda a try, and that's what we've been drinking since. The big bag of Splenda actually lasts quite a while...I know Super Wal-Mart sells it pretty cheaply (several dollars less than the grocery store)

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    I use the granular Splenda and Kool Aid too. I only use 3/4 cup of the Splenda though and the bag does last a good while.

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    Splenda is great for unsweetened drink mixes! You can
    substitute it for the same amount of sugar called for
    on the package. I find it rather sweet, but I haven't
    had a 'real' soda or lemonade in ages ! The
    best part is you can cook with it too! I'm surprised
    CL hasn't called for it more in recipes.

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    Sams/Costco now sells the big bakers bag in a box with 2 bags here for around $10. Much cheaper than the grocery stores! The rare time we have Kool-Aid we use it for that or other unsweetened mixes. Crystal Light now sweetens their premixed drinks (like the kind in the bottles) with Splenda but for some reason havent switched over in the powder mixes.

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    I also use only 3/4 cup of splenda with the unsweetened drink mix. A cup is too sweet for me.
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    Thanks all! I think I will try a small box of Splenda and some Kool Aid packets and see how that goes. I'll start w/ 1/2 cup and add more if needed. And if I like it, I'll definitely look for the bags of Splenda at Costco.

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