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Thread: Birthday cake from Costco??

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    Birthday cake from Costco??

    I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I am seriously thinking about getting a birthday cake from Costco for Travis' party! We were shopping today and he saw a race car one that he fell in love with. Plus, we're expecting a ton of people, so I'd have to bake more than one anyway. This is a combination family party (4 late August birthdays), as well as his friends from preschool, so I'm guessing we'll have about 25-30 people total - yikes!!!! We're renting a giant moonwalk / slip-n-slide thingee, so all of the adults are staying and playing on it after the kids are done!

    Anyway, he wants the chocolate cake with chocolate icing (and chocolate mousse filling - I just can't imagine where this bizarre love of chocolate could have come from?!?! ). Has anyone ever eaten a cake from Costco? This will be the first time I haven't baked his birthday cake, and I at least want something edible!

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    Actually, they have REALLY good cakes for being store-bought!
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    I've had the Costco cake a number of times as it was bought a lot for office birthday parties.

    It's really surprisingly good -- way better than most supermarket birthday cakes -- not as good as really good homemade or very expensive bakery. As I recall, it's probably better than a cake mix.

    Having served real cake to swine (I mean children), it's my experience that they actually prefer store bought cake -- I assume the cake is for some kind of party where his peers will be eating it. You can always make a more gourmet dessert for adults if that's an issue

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    Another thumbs up for the Costco cake. I've had it several times, and it's very good. I'm usually not a bakery cake fan, but I enjoy the Costco cake.

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    Same as all the above.

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    I really like Costco's birthday cakes, and I usually hate store- bought birthday cakes. The chocolate one was the best, too, IMO.

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    We get them all the time for work. They are pretty tasty, inexpensive, and HUGE. They do 2 (thick) layers of cake with mousse inside with a good amount of frosting. I think they say they serve 40 but they are very filling so I can see feeding more. Even if they can't, you could probably get 2, they only cost about $17 each. The chocolate cake & mousse are good. The cream cheese (or cheesecake) mousse is my favorite (with white cake). I would go for it.

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    I also like the costco cake. Beware the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate combo is very rich. I usually get the chocolate cake with the strawberry filling. I always get them for my kids birthday parties. Much easier with a lot of people and they are surprisingly good for store bought.

    sidenote: A girlfriend of mine (who does not cook at all) had one of the cakes from Costco at a party I threw and went out and got a membership because she liked their cakes so much!!


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    Another vote for Costco cakes-they are incredible when you consider the price and I agree-WAY BETTER than any grocery store bakery cake! Their carrot cake with apricot filling and the cream cheese icing is really good as well!

    Sheila in MD

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    Get the Costco cake (they are good) relax and have fun at the party.

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    Oh good! This is so nice to hear. It's just one less thing to stress about this week. Thanks for the comments everyone!

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