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Thread: how to cook prosciutto?

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    how to cook prosciutto?

    First let me say hello, this is my first thread, although I am a frequent lurker! I have learned so much from you all and I am grateful! You all are such great cooks.

    Now my question - I had a yummy firegrilled pizza in a restaurant that I would like to try to replicate at home so I bought some proscuitto which I have never cooked with before.

    I plan to assemble the pizzas and just cook a bit on my pizza stone - should I pre-cook the proscuitto? I think at the restaurant it was quite crisp and bacon like, the proscuitto I bought is sliced but looks quite raw. I think I should probably pre-cook, but how? Should I just saute on the stove a bit?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    First off, welcome! - hope you find lots of great info here.

    Prosciutto is cured so there's no need to cook it. I myself think cooking it makes it WAY too salty and ruins its delicate flavor and texture. But obviously that's not an answer; I'll let someone else advise on how to crisp it, but I did want to say that it's not necessary.

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    Hi Kimberly, and welcome!

    Like Canice said, it's not necessary to cook the prosciutto. To get it crisp, it's probably just from it being baked ontop of the pizza, much like pepperoni gets crispy sometimes.

    What else was on the pizza, if you don't mind my asking? We love recipes around here.

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    Typically, prosciutto is sliced very thinly and is ready to eat as is. I'd think that it most likely crisped simply from the heat of the pizza oven-- of course, that's assuming it's put atop the cheese, rather than tucked underneath it.

    Anyone out there have practical experience?

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    Um.....Gail? Are you......stalking me?

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    Thank you for the helpful replies so far!

    I just took it out of the package and I think you are right - it is so thin it will likely crisp right on the pizza, just like pepperoni does.

    The pizza I had was heavenly - it had pesto for sauce, the proscuitto, pine nuts, roasted garlic, feta cheese, and sun dried tomatoes.

    I actually can take some credit, because it was a build-your-own pizza kind of restaurant - the menu was a check list of ingredients, you picked what you want for toppings and they baked it. So I just picked stuff I like. Wow, did it turn out good.

    I'll let you know how the home version turns out!

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    Originally posted by SandyM
    Um.....Gail? Are you......stalking me?
    (Yawn. Filing nails, typical goddess style.) For shame, Sandy. I saw that response coming a mile off.

    Excuse me for this off-the-subject comment, Kimberly.

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    I add TJ's chopped proscuitto all the time when I make pizza! Yum and I love the convience of it being prechopped! (no need to pre-cook)

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    Fresh figs stuffied with goat cheese and surrounded by prosciutto, skewered and cooked on your George Foreman. Then drizzled with honey. Excellent and filling!

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