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Thread: How do you sharpen a bread knife?

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    Question How do you sharpen a bread knife?

    I have a Henckels serrated bread knife and I was wondering if any of you knew how you'd go about sharpening it? Do I have to take it to a professional knife sharpener or is there another way?

    FWIW, I have one of those sharpening tools (basically a rod of metal) which I use to sharpen my other non-serrated knives but since this is serrated, I assumed I wasn't supposed to use it for this purpose.


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    What you have is a honing steel. Its job isn't to sharpen blades, but to keep them aligned, so if your knives -- any of them -- are dull, you should have them sharpened by a professional. They'll do a bang-up job on your serrated blade as well!

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