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Thread: substituting apple sauce for butter in cookies

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    substituting apple sauce for butter in cookies

    hi, i have a cookie recipe from one of the old moosewood cookbooks with 1 cup butter. It is possible to substitute a half a cup of apple sauce for half of the butter? I have never tried it in baking though it is often recommended. How is your experience with this? thanks laura

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    Yes, you can...and actually I like sour cream (fat free, light etc) better than applesauce. Something else to think about

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    It is possible, but they will not be very cookie-like; they'll be more like soft cakes. For cookies, a better sub is often syrup -- corn syrup or rice syrup or honey -- but you then have to reduce the sugar, too.

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    It really depends on the recipe. If it's something like a molasses or oatmeal cookie, apple butter would probably work well. If it's a chocolate chip or shortbreadish type cookie, I'd go with all butter and eat half the number of cookies.

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