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Thread: Diabetic baked goods?

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    Diabetic baked goods?

    Due to budget issues, I'm baking in mass quantities for Christmas this year. My dad is diabetic though, so I need to include something sugar-free for him. Anyone have any T&T sugar-free cookie/bar, etc. recipes or know a good online recipe source?
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    It's not an online source, but if you don't find anything, you might try the library. I have a diabetic friend. Whenever I want to bake him something, I pop over to the library and check in their special needs cookbooks.
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    My husband had a high blood sugar scare, so I've been trying to find recipes for fending off diabetes (hereditary for him).

    I looked on Amazon, and found a few promising books with recipes. I would look in the library.

    Oats are lower glycemic, and dried apricots and nuts are good too. I think you can modify your recipes to use 1/2 splenda and half sugar.

    I just made lowered sugar oatmeal cookies with added oatbran and unsweetened dried tart cherries and dark chocolate chips. I don't have any info on these, but they seem to fit the lower glycemic pre-diabetes recommendations.

    I picked up a Prevention Diabetes magazine at the supermarket, and made a really yummy triple chocolate cheesecake (no splenda for us since he isn't diabetic, but the recipe had 1/2 splenda and lots of cream cheese and cottage cheese.) I made a lower sugar nut topped brownie from that issue too with half splenda from that magazine, it was ok. We don't like Splenda, and so we just limit sweets to a small amount once a week, with lowered sugar in the recipe, after a healthy protein and good fat meal. I searched on the Prevention website for recipes, but I didn't see much.

    Dark Chocolate dipped strawberries are low glycemic, and I think the same would hold true for dark chocolate dipped unsweetened apricots.

    This really isn't what you asked for, but maybe this will bump you up to get some more help.

    I'm curious too. It is hard to cook healthy sweets for diabetics! (I love to bake, and I love to feed my appreciative husband

    I searched on the American Diabetes Association Website for recipes, and here is the link: (I haven't tried any)

    (King Arthur has some sugar free mixes, I noticed, but I haven't bought any)

    This thread caught my eye as eating healthier is now a real priority. Best wishes.

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