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Thread: Bunco recipes

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    Bunco recipes

    Looking for recipes that I can take to a new Bunco group that is starting. We are told to bring either appetizers or desserts.

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    Our Bunko group has been meeting for almost a year now... here are some of the things that we have done:

    Mexican layered dip with tortilla chips
    Spinach Dip with bread
    Texas Crab Grass - another take on a spinach dip that is hot

    Desserts - chocolate is a REQUIREMENT for our group!
    chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze

    The way our group works, is that the person hosting provides the appetizers and desserts to nibble on throughout the evening... everyone else brings their beverage of choice. We figured this would work out better because the host wouldn't have to provide all the wine!

    Have fun... it is an addicting game! We all look forward to our game each month!

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I had to smile when I read your response because I just bought a chocolate cake with chocolate glaze for our first meeting which is tomorrow night.

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    I have nothing to add about recipes, but I just have to say I'm amazed to hear someone mention bunco -- I haven't heard of that since my mother used to host a group at our house in San Bernardino when I was a kid in the 60s! I thought it was just some strange local custom. (Well, it seemed strange to a 6-year old. )
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