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Thread: Making your own holiday fruit wreath?

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    Making your own holiday fruit wreath?

    I am tempted to make my own (outdoor but protected) holiday wreath this year. I love fruit wreaths with lemons or apples, etc. DH thinks I should use real fruit, but I am not so sure. Basically I was thinking of buying a wreath (either fresh or "fake" greenery) and adding my own fruit/bow/berries. I would love some advice from those of you who have actually made their own wreaths.



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    Fruit wreaths actually are pretty easy to make. Depending on where you live, they'll stay fresh for several weeks (or longer if you live somewhere cold). If you live in a warm weather climate, the fruit will rot more quickly. The best fruits to use are: lemons, limes, oranges, and apples. The citrus fruits tend to stay fresh longer. It's easy with a wreath mold to use fresh greens and then spike the fruit on top. You can dip the apples (and I think the other fruits too) in floor wax which makes them shinier and also helps to preserve them a bit, too.

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    I haven't made a fruit wreath but I just got done making 4 ornament wreathes. Basically you need lots of patience until you figure out the technique that will work for you. Once I got going it was easy. Time consuming but easy.

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    Thanks for the tips! Now I just need to try and do it.

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