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Thread: wok cooking on glass cooktop

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    wok cooking on glass cooktop

    Has anyone had experience in using a wok on a glass cooktop? My electric one bit the dust and I'd be interested in replacing it with one I can use on the stovetop but am worried about damaging the glass top. Any suggestions or experience? Thanks for any info
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    Per Cooks Illustrated, neither woks nor electric woks are particularly suitable for home cooks because the BTU's produced by home stoves do not provide the intense searing heat needed to use a wok.

    Their show on stir frying was a revelation to me -- they suggest a large non-stick skillet -- I have a 14" one. Using their techniques, I have produced the best stir fries at home. You need to cook smallish amounts of food.

    Per Cooks Illustrated, the sides of the wok on a home range don't get hot enough. There are expensive ranges which have wok burners.

    This would be especially true with an electric range and CI specifically tested electric woks and found them to produce inferior results.

    So based on CI and my own experience, buy a huge non-stick skillet.

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    Thank you. Sounds like a more cost-effective investment that can be multi-functional and easier to store than the electric wok.

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