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Thread: Non-Football Fans - What are your plans for Sunday?

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    Non-Football Fans - What are your plans for Sunday?

    A friend just reminded me that Sunday is the Superbowl. When I asked what time it was, he said "Are you actually going to watch it?" (He knows that DH and I aren't football fans.) I said "No. I just want to know so that I can go to the grocery store while it's on!" I LOVE shopping during the Superbowl! It's just about the quietest time in the store that you'll ever see (unless you like to shop at 2AM!)

    So, there must be other non-football watchers. What are your plans?
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    Heading WEST!!
    I never watch football, so this day is like every other.
    I have stuff on my DVR, I have books, exercise, cooking and playing withy my kitties to keep me busy.
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    We're going to do our taxes. Fun, huh? But we're due a refund so I'm excited!

    Still, I use Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to make and eat some guacamole...

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    Car show and lunch in Philly early in the day. Home to make recipes from the "Tried and True taco dip recipe" thread and watch the Super Bowl. We do it all baby!
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    DH is a huge football fan. HUGE. I watch the Superbowl if we are hosting a party or if someone else is hosting a kid friendly party. Otherwise he goes off with the guys to watch it and I do something with the kids.

    This year I was thinking of taking the kids to San Francisco on BART and hanging out. Should be a nice quiet day there.

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    I was going to sew, but someone gave me tickets to a play that they can no longer use.
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    We're not real fans of football, but we were invited to my sister's house to watch. I only go for the food!!

    But, I will root for Seattle.....a "left coast" thing ya know!

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    We are trying to go whale watching. If for some reason we can't get tickets for that, it'll be just like any other Sunday. Which means I do a little cooking for the week, I read a little, watch a movie, and take a nap.

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    On Sunday I will have a rest, nothing special: sleeping, reading, etc
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    I will be knitting socks, looking up when a commercial comes on, and eating every once in a while.

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    I'm not a fan, but we will be attending a Super Bowl party.

    I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to eat snack food and drink beer.

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    I was invited to a party, but I don't feel like going. My roomie needs the kitchen that day to make a feast (leftovers for me, yum!) for a super bowl party, so I'm going to go to the swap meet with my sister. We haven't had time to get together since the 1st of the year and neither of us has been to the swap meet in a long time.
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    Okay, guys, no matter where you will be going, no place will be quieter than Pittsburgh on Sunday! A local tv station will be starting pre-game broadcasts at 6AM!!! I'm going out. Shopping, groceries, etc. I wish that I knew someone around here who will not be watching the Big Game so we could do something fun... but everyone is either watching the game or going to a party!

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    Near my friends.
    Watching the commercials.
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    I plan on going to Disneyland. I figure it should be pretty empty.

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    I'll be training horses, same as every weekend. Superbowl? What superbowl?
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    If I can find something to keep DD busy, I might be able to sneak in a nap! That would be absolutely lovely......

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    I don't watch the Superbowl but I have five new recipes from CL and this bb to try out on unsuspecting football fans.
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