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Thread: buttermilk in banana bread?

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    buttermilk in banana bread?

    Hello all...

    I make CL's Banana-Oatmeal Bread quite often, usually following the recipe pretty closely (although I usually use 3 bananas and occasionally add some chocolate chips or chopped nuts). But since I have some buttermilk left over (bought it to make those yummy brined pork chops), I was wondering what would happen if I used that instead of the 1/2 cup fat free milk? I've seen other banana bread recipes that use buttermilk, so I can't imagine it would be inedible, but I wondered if anyone has tried it in this particular (or another similar) recipe? Thanks for your time!

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    I make the Epicurious Lowfat Banana Bread which uses buttermilk....

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    welcome, blrn

    sure, go ahead and use the buttermilk. i have a couple of recipes that call for it. i generally put something acidic, like FF scour cream, or yoghurt, into quick-bread recipes.
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    You can generally use buttermilk in any recipe that calls for milk. If it's a quick bread, though -- including things like pancakes -- you need to add some baking soda to balance the acidity. The combination of soda and buttermilk provides some leavening, so you'd reduce any baking powder. Otherwise, the bread or whatever won't rise the way it should. The site Baking 911 says this:
    NOTE: If you want to add cup buttermilk and recipe has 2 teaspoons baking powder, use teaspoon soda and 1 tsp baking powder, instead. Take care in substituting milk for buttermilk and there is baking powder, in the recipe, you need to adjust it. The sudden presence of buttermilk upsets the balance of alkali to acid in the recipe and causes problems. Buttermilk has more acid than regular milk, which will reduce the carbon dioxide released and thwart the leavening process.

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    Thanks everyone for the quick replies!

    I've been coming to Cooking Light's website to find recipes for quite some time now, but for some reason, I never checked the bulletin boards until this I'm hooked! What a great resource! Thanks again.

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