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Thread: How long do soy crumbles last?

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    How long do soy crumbles last?

    DD recently became a vegetarian, so I bought some soy crumbles (surprisingly good!) to use in spaghetti sauce, tacos, etc. There's a pretty long expiration date on the package, but I don't know if that only refers to an unopened package. How long does this stuff stay good once it's opened?

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    The soy crumbles that I have used are frozen. In that case they last for a long time if they are sealed properly.

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    Once opened, they usually last about a week-- if they smell or taste bad, toss 'em.
    Don't miss out on a great fake-- Gimme Lean beef & sausage styles. They are 12 oz. tubes of soymeat, well-flavored, but even better if you add your own seasonings-- garlic, onion, oregano-- especially, fennel & fresh parsley make the sausgae style very good for Italian dishes. the beef style make good burgers and sloppy joes.

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