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Thread: ISO: Uses for lemon basil?

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    ISO: Uses for lemon basil?

    My herb garden is something of a disappointment this year -- my fav herbs are not doing well and the mistakes are doing great! Among the mistakes is a flourishing lemon basil plant. (I thought I was buying a sweet basil plant.) I know Martha Stewart thinks lemon basil is great in lemonade....but does anyone have any FOOD recipes for lemon basil? I'm thinking it should be good with fish....thoughts, ideas, recipes?

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    You're right about the fish. I make a simple marinade of olive oil, fresh lemon juice and slices, ground white pepper, and chopped lemon basil and use it with tuna steaks. Marinate for about a half hour.

    I once used lemon basil in iced tea and didn't really care for the taste.

    Also the lemon basil is wonderful in pasta primavera! A different, subtle taste.

    I will re-post if I can think of anything else. But I'm jealous-- my lemon basil died while my Thai basil is now a bush!

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    I used lemon basil in the Talapia with Citrus Bagna Cauda recipe going round the boards right now and it was outstanding! Really made it shine...

    I agree about using it with fish, and anywhere else you might have occasion to otherwise perk things up with a little lemon rind or a squirt of lemon juice. Helps to intensify the flavor.
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