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Thread: Soy Bean Substitute?

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    Soy Bean Substitute?

    I have a recipe for Green Olive Spread (from a local restaurant) that is very similar to a green olive tapenade. The recipe calls for 1 cup boiled soy beans. The local grocery store does not carry soy beans - I will look on-line, but was curious if anybody had any ideas for a substitution. Thanks!

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    Soy bean substitute

    Have you got a bulk grocery or health food store locally? That is where I get soy beans when I need them. (Dry) Also, look in the frozen vegetable section for Edemame (? spelling) which is soybeans. I have found them at Sam's Club and Costco also. Good luck. AK

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    I was just going to suggest the Edamame. Its sometimes sold in the frozen section and sometimes in the produce section (near the tofu).

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