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Thread: Advice About Frozen "Make-Ahead" Mashed Potatoes?

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    Question Advice About Frozen "Make-Ahead" Mashed Potatoes?

    I made "make-ahead" mashed potatoes last week for a small get-together. We had to cancel the party due to illness of one of the attendees. I froze the make-ahead pototoes (potatoes, sour cream, cream cheese, milk) in the gratin dish.

    I'm going to cook the potatoes this evening. I moved them from freezer to refrig yesterday to thaw. Should I follow original baking instructions and do you think they will turn out OK? I'm somewhat concerned because I've frozen regular mashed pototoes before and when thawed they seem to have an excess of water in the potatoes for a while, then with lots of stirring they always pull together and are just fine. With this being an oven dish, I won't be stirring to make sure they get to the correct consistency.

    Have any of you frozen "make-ahead" potatoes? Do you have any guidance?

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    I've made and froze mashed potatoes w/herbed cream cheese and sour cream, thawed in fridge for a day or two, and allow to come to room temp. before baking. I bake them at 350 for at least 45 minutes, and I do stir about half-way through.
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    I've made make-ahead mashers with herbed cheese (Rondele), milk and garlic. I have always had better luck bringing them to room temp before cooking. I'm sure yours will be fine.

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